Tag: Politics

Lelo: Opposition unity to continue
FM: Georgia mourns tragic loss of 4 citizens
Giga Bokeria elected as Chairman of European Georgia
EU Ambassador condoles to families of Enguri River tragedy victims
Gigi Ugulava to quit European Georgia party
European Georgia party Chair to quit post, take timeout
NATO PA President: Political situation in Georgia remains a cause of deep concern
Anniversary of restoration of independence marked at Orbeliani Palace
Citizens party: Time for parties to make bold decisions individually
Ex-President Saakashvili: We were jerks if we do not end them now
PM condoles to British people over Prince Philip death
Citizens criticize President’s annual report
Strategy Aghmashenebeli: Better sit down and agree than talk too much
Parliament Speaker: Mikheil Saakashvili to be illegally meddling in Georgian politics
Parliament Speaker: President’s institute stands higher than any party interest
President: Neither side demonstrated courage to compromise
French Ambassador believes all energy in Georgia to be channelled towards resolution of serious challenges
Lelo: Opposition to make efforts to agree on all five points
US Ambassador to Georgia: 1989 was a year characterized by courage, sacrifice and the commitment to freedom
EU Ambassador Hartzell: Georgia paid a high price in 1989, everyone to honour this legacy