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BBC on Akhmed Chatayev’s liquidation in Tbilisi
Police studies video footage of surveillance cameras installed in public school N51
Juvenile died in Tbilisi
State Security Service - Akhmed Chatayev blew himself up
State Security Service confirms Akhmed Chatayev is among those liquidated during the special operation
Giorgi Gakharia - persons liquidated in counterterrorist operation entered Georgia illegally
Marijuana decriminalization - Changes after Constitutional Court’s decision
Iago Khvichia - driving license, deprived for Marijuana consumption, to be returned to citizens
Constitutional Court lifted criminal responsibility for Marijuana consumption
Prosecutor’s Office opens cases of illegal detention and inhuman treatment
23 arrested in special operation targeting Georgian mafia in Spain
Legal Affairs Committee backs Eva Gotsiridze’s candidacy
Justice Minister commented about decision of Strasbourg Court into Vano Merabishvili’s case
Strasbourg Court releases decision over former Georgian PM Vano Merabishvili
Twelve illegal wood mills discovered in Borjomi Municipality
Leogrand owner -security norms were observed at the hotel
Special Squad officer was buried with military honors
Vakhtang Gomelauri - There are doubts on Akhmed Chatayev being among those killed during the special operation
Special operation in Kobuleti
Investigation is underway into violation of fire safety norms – Interior Minister