Tag: Justice/Crime

MIA detains 18 protesters
Doctor illegally detained by Russian occupation forces has been sent to two-month pretrial detention
Law enforcers detain mother on charge of labor exploitation of juveniles
The defendant was sentenced to one year and three months` imprisonment for domestic violence
MIA – 27 people detained during protest organized in an attempt to disrupt premiere
MIA - 11 people arrested during the rally
Police detained two protesters outside Amirani Cinema
Public Defender urges law enforcement agencies to launch probe into allegations voiced against clergy
Eight people detained for an attempt to cross Azerbaijan-Georgia state border illegally
Eight Georgian citizens arrested in Turkey on housebreaking charge
Greek police arrested Georgian driver transporting 41 illegal migrants
Nika Gvaramia has been summoned to the Prosecutor's Office
Constitutional Court to consider claim on abolition of administrative responsibility for prostitution
Minister of Internal Affairs – Cyber attacks represent global challenge
Alan Woodward - The scale of this attack is something we haven't seen before
Georgian President’s web-page hacked
Police detained father on charges of forcing a minor daughter to get married
Vakhtang Gomelauri, Ioseb Gogashvili questioned into Temirlan Machalikashvili’s case
Kakha Kojoridze says that court subjected 60% shares of Rustavi 2 to distraint
Prosecutor General: If there is a need for questioning the President, we will act in accordance with law