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Ex-president Saakashvili addressed Georgians at his trial
Ex-president Saakashvili renounces Georgian prosecution, judiciary
Police detain former Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava
Ex-president Saakashvili's trial starts at Tbilisi City Court amid rally outside
Penitentiary Service confirms ex-president Saakashvili attends his trial
Ukrainian lawyer dubs Saakashvili's case 'political'
BoG branch office robbery to foil, attacker arrested
State Inspector’s Service to hold interrogation into alleged ex-president’s inhuman treatment
ECHR: Jailed following convictions for crimes committed while in office, Saakashvili considers his prosecutions to be "politically motivated"
Tbilisi City Court tries Saakashvili for illegal border crossing
Group of physicians to daily report on ex-president’s health, Justice Minister says
Court trials case of state budget embezzlement amid noise
Penitentiary Service sees Saakashvili's transfer to court as risky
MIA warns UNM over today's rally
State Inspector’s Service to call on Justice Ministry, Penitentiary Service to stop video footage release
Penitentiary Service releases video footage of ex-president moved to N18 Gldani prison infirmary
Deputy Justice Minister: ECHR decision to leave no room for interpretation
November 7 episode trial to resume on November 29
November 7 episode trial: Gigi Ugulava dismissed from courtroom 
Tbilisi City Court tries into ex-president Saakashvili on November 7 episode