Tag: Economics

Georgia named Tourist Destination of the Year at Matka 2020
The fourth section of the Rikoti Pass will be reconstructed
NBG – Revenues from tourism increased by 1.4% in 2019
NBG publishes money transfers statistics for December 2019
Government launches procedures for new tender of Anaklia Deepwater Port Project
Foreign trade turnover increased by 2.7% in 2019
Hotel to be arranged at former Ananov Palace in Vartiskhe
Georgian Civil Aviation Agency recommends overflight of Iranian and Iraqi airspace should be avoided
Georgian Company to sew clothes of Marks & Spencer
Georgian gov't terminates contract with Anaklia Development Consortium
Mamuka Khazaradze: We will continue dispute in the International Court
Government launches procedures for cancelling investment contract with Anaklia Development Consortium
Some international airlines started using Georgian airspace instead of Iranian
563 489 312 GEL mobilized in Pension Fund
Government to discuss issue of investment agreement with Anaklia Development Consortium
Consumer prices in one year increased by 7%
Social packages and pension to increase from January 1, 2020
Natia Turnava - The government will discuss the ways to implement Anaklia Port Project
Number of international arrivals in Georgia reaches 9.3 million in 2019
First charter flight from Bangkok to Tbilisi carried out