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Deacon Giorgi Chachava gets AZ jab
Georgia to secure additional 600,000 doses of Sinopharm vaccine
MPs get Sinopharm jabs
Georgia reports 1 806 coronavirus cases, 1 144 recoveries, 20 deaths
Forty-three thousand AstraZeneca vaccines  arrive in Georgia
Georgia may kick off Sinovac rollout before WHO approval
NCDC: 47,949 people got Covid-19 jab
Georgia reports 2,171 coronavirus cases, 1,074 recoveries, 24 deaths
Interior Minister gets COVID-19 jab live on TV
MPs, hospitality sector, public transport drivers to receive Covid-19 jab
People may get Sinopharm jabs in polyclinics
Gov't, MPs, employees of tourism and hospitality, public transport drivers and controllers to be admitted to vaccination this week
NCDC Head gets Sinopharm jab live on TV
Georgia reports 788 coronavirus cases, 1 206  recoveries, 20 deaths
Sinopharm vaccination starts in Georgia
Georgia reports 509 coronavirus cases, 1,200 recoveries, 12 deaths
Georgia reports 988 coronavirus cases, 1 595 recoveries, 21 deaths
NCDC Head: Rate of face mask wearing increased up to 80 per cent
WHO approves Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use
Georgia reports 1 147 coronavirus cases, 690 recoveries, 20 deaths