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Dmitry Medoev – Humanitarian crisis should be sought in brains of Tbilisi politicians rather than on territories of neighbor states
Ketevan Tsikhelashvili assesses the seizure of medicines with Georgian inscriptions as an act directed against humans
Alarm flashlights fired at occupied village of Orchosani
Former head of Sberbank operating in occupied Abkhazia detained in Moscow
Co-chairmen of Geneva talks to discuss situation at occupational line during visit to Tskhinvali
Occupation forces close entrance to Akhalgori
Activists set up tents in Sokhumi
Aslan Bzhania to run in so-called presidential elections in occupied Abkhazia
Akhalgori Governor – Entry of 30-40 people from Akhalgori will not lessen the crisis
Leonid Dzapshba plans to run for so called presidential election of occupied Abkhazia
Pass from occupied Akhalgori temporarily opened
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Netherlands arrived at occupation line
Security Service – Occupying forces erect illegal installations in Gugutiantkari village
Raul Khajimba not to run for president at so-called elections appointed for March 22
Raul Khajimba's awards have been stolen in occupied Abkhazia
De-facto Abkhazian President ready to take part in rerun of presidential election
Central Election Commission of occupied Abkhazia to name date of rerun of presidential polls
Supreme Court of occupied Abkhazia orders rerun of presidential election
Deputy Secretary of Russian Security Council to arrive in Sokhumi
Supporters of de-facto Abkhazian president gather at so-called Governmental Administration