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US Embassy congratulates the Parliament on approving the amendments to Electoral Code
Small family-type house for children with disabilities opened in Tbilisi
Gia Volski believes that US Embassy should respond to Gubaz Sanikidze's statement
US Embassy: March 8 agreement was a historic achievement by the political forces of Georgia
Kelly Deganan: I commend the media and journalists here in Georgia who work hard to provide the public with reliable information
US Embassy: We salute the brave journalists, photographers, and videographers who work tirelessly in a truly challenging environment
US Embassy: Irakli Okruashvili's case casts a shadow over the impartial application of justice
US Embassy: On this, the 31st anniversary of the day of National Unity, we remember the 21 innocent souls who died on the streets of Tbilisi
US Embassy thanks Georgia for solidarity
US Embassy in Georgia – We are proud to support National Center for Diseases Control and Ministry of Health
Justice Minister – Statement of US Embassy signals that we should continue working on perfection of court system
First Vice-Speaker – I see a better court in perspective than many western countries have
US Embassy warns U.S. government personnel over planned protest activity in Tbilisi
Elizabeth Rood reached the peak of Mount Kazbegi
PM - We all share spirit of statement made by US Embassy
US Embassy: We encourage the implementation of the Court’s ruling on Rustavi 2 case in a manner that is fair, apolitical
The nineteenth group of Peace Corps Volunteers starts work in Georgia
US Embassy: What is most needed at this time is a dialogue among all political actors
US Embassy urges all sides to remain calm
US Embassy congratulates Georgian Armed Forces on anniversary of establishment