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Minister of Economy, Tourism Administration meet tourism companies
National Tourism Administration offers tourism companies participation in international exhibitions
National Tourism Administration: Foreign visitors flow to Georgia decreased by 91.6 percent in November
Work from Georgia - Popular American travel publication advises Americans to live in Georgia
Natia Turnava: Banks expressed readiness to reconsider the issue of loan restructuring for tourism sector
Mark McCord: Georgia did its utmost to restore tourism while protecting health of both locals, tourists
Mariam Kvrivishvili: From tomorrow, citizens of reciprocal countries will be able to enter Georgia without quarantine
World Tourism Organization – Tourism sector suffered USD 320 billion loss due to COVID-19 pandemic
Head of Georgia National Tourism Administration gives interview to CNN on tourism, pandemic
Giorgi Gakharia: New program “Travel in Georgia” begins, this is a huge opportunity to rediscover our country
National Geographic Traveller Food advises readers to start discovering Georgian cuisine with Adjarian khachapuri
Georgian Government to make decision concerning international tourism in the nearest future
Ekaterine Tikaradze: All rules have been developed and we have multiple centers so that tourists can be tested if necessary
Telegraph names Georgia among the safest tourist destinations in Europe
Lonely Planet: With borders reopening 1 July to certain countries, Georgia will be implementing a series of health measures to protect travellers and citizens alike
Kelly Degnan: I know that American tourists really want to come here, I’ll definitely do as the Prime Minister advised and will discover Georgia
Giorgi Gakharia: Epidemiological situation in the countries with which we almost concluded negotiations suddenly worsened, therefore we were asked to wait
Giorgi Gakharia: I urge all of you to travel in Georgia, this will be the biggest support for our economy and tourism
Tbilisi became a member of professional network of food and gastronomy of world cities
Tamar Archuadze: Passengers will have to wear masks on board the aircraft and observe the regulations of destination country