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Georgia to get first part of Covid vaccine in one month
Director of Infectious Diseases Hospital: Safety regulations to stand to avoid Covid-19 third wave
Georgia considers Oxford-AstraZeneca, China-made COVID-19 vaccines
General Director of Infectious Diseases Hospital: Coronavirus peak passed
Center for Infectious Diseases: Georgia likely to have Covid vaccine soon after large countries
Director of Infectious Diseases Hospital: Better discomfit for New Year holidays to live in peace all year long
Director of Infectious Diseases Hospital – With expansion of restrictions there will be no immediate results, but we will get the result
Tengiz Tsertsvadze hospitalized 
Director of Infectious Diseases Hospital – Till end of November, daily coronavirus cases may exceed 3 thousand
Tengiz Tsertsvadze: Coronavirus patients at COVID-Hotels, home will undergo 3 compulsory examinations
Tengiz Tsertsvadze: Country copes with pandemic better than at the beginning of pandemic
Tengiz Tsertsvadze: Georgia will receive Remdesivir from October 25-30
Tengiz Tsertsvadze: Georgia will most likely receive promising antiviral medication Remdesivir in 2-3 weeks
Tengiz Tsertsvadze remains Director of Tbilisi Infectious Diseases Hospital
Director of Hospital of Infectious Diseases – Incease in coronavirus cases is expected for next several days, the situation will stabilize afterwards
Tengiz Tsertsvadze: An increase in number of coronavirus cases was expected, I think there is nothing alarming
Tengiz Tsertsvadze says citizens should not loosen up as being too relaxed triggered increase in COVID-19 cases
BBC: How 'three musketeers' helped Georgia fight virus
Tengiz Tsertsvadze – It is not known if coronavirus has seasonal character
Tengiz Tsertsvadze – There will be the second wave of coronavirus infection, but it will be less severe than the first one