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Tea Tsulukiani: It came as a surprise to me to learn about Nino Gvenetadze's decision
Tea Tsulukiani – I observe Article 8 of Law on Prosecutor’s Office like believers respect Bible
Tea Tsulukiani – Statement of Russian authorities into Archil Tatunashvili’s case is not surprising
Archil Talakvadze: Nobody should have expectations that GD will make statement about Tsulukiani that will please National Movement
Justice Minister to be back to work on July 9
Tea Tsulukiani – We have several weeks to respond to questions of European Court
Zaza Saralidze demands resignation of Giorgi Gakharia and Tea Tsulukiani
Giorgi Kvirikashvili – Demand of Tea Tsulukiani’s dismissal is absurd and devoid of common sense
NGOs demand resignation of Justice Minister
Tea Tsulukiani – Georgian side will be presented by position backed by evidences
Tea Tsulukiani: Parts of Iskander were found proving that it was produced by Russia
Tea Tsulukiani - On May 17, our government was fully prepared for ensuring the safety of various groups
Tea Tsulukiani – Legalization means demand that consumption of drugs is as legal as Georgian wine
Tea Tsulukiani – Two-day protests had to do with radicalism rather than drug policy
Georgian citizens living abroad to receive ID cards free of charge and passports at discount
Tea Tsulukiani: I have questions regarding pardoning criteria of President
Tea Tsulukiani – US, France and UK are carrying out targeted attacks and such moves are appropriate
Tea Tsulukiani – I believe that people, who have disagreement in public, will not allow division of majority
Tea Tsulukiani offers Denmark to recognize Georgia as safe country
Tea Tsulukiani says western experience on functioning of High Council of Justice is essential