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State of Emergency extended till May 10 in Georgia
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Giorgi Gakharia does not rule out extension of state of emergency
Metropolitan Grigol - Ordeal should bring us together, not vice versa
Despite restrictions, National Movement gathered people in Zugdidi center
Giorgi Gakharia instructed law-enforcement bodies to effectively enforce restrictions set for state of emergency
Parliament approves declaration of State of Emergency in Georgia
State of Emergency does not refer to media
State of Emergency does not envisage imposition of curfew
PM provides explanation about restrictions functioning during State of Emergency
Parliament to hold Extraordinary Session
State of Emergency declared in Georgia
PM - There is no need to declare a state of emergency as yet
Armenia declares state of emergency over coronavirus
PM – There is no necessity to declare state of emergency
New York City Declares State of Emergency, Amid Statewide Ban on All Large Gatherings
Sri Lanka declares state of emergency after communal violence
Turkey to extend state of emergency for another 3 months, Deputy PM says