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Number of infected persons with COVID-19 exceeded ten thousand in Russia
Russia confirmed 1 154 new cases of coronavirus
Russia suspends Int'l flights
Number of infected persons with COVID-19 reaches 4 149 in Russia
Russia considering declaring a state of national emergency
Russia reports 279 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours
Russia confirmed 228 new cases of novel coronavirus
Coronavirus cases reach 1036 in Russia
Constitutional referendum postponed in Russia due to coronavirus
Russia's Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Jump to 306
Russia reports first death from COVID-19
Russian political analyst states Russia hides real statistics of coronavirus
Russia Temporarily Bans Entry of Foreigners Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
Number of people infected with coronavirus has increased to 93 in Russia
Russia reports 63 COVID-19 cases
Georgian gov't - As of March 16 the movement to and from Russia will be restricted
Russia confirms its 59th coronavirus case
EU extends sanctions on Russia over Ukraine conflict
Erdogan’s Adviser says Turkey is ready for war with Russia
Pompeo warns Russia - Meddling in our elections is unacceptable