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Secretary Blinken does not expect to see breakthroughs in talks with Russia this week
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Russia maintains forces in Georgia and de facto authorities in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Secretary Blinken says
Russia to be ready to restore relations if Georgia wants, FM Lavrov says
Russia to withdraw from Tskhinvali, Abkhazia for hope for progress raise, Ambassador Degnan says
Russia’s withdrawal from Georgian territories to be a real sign that Russia is serious, US Ambassador said
Georgia joins EU in extending Russia sanctions over Crimea annexation
NATO's Appathurai says the alliance never accepts the Black Sea to be Russia's and maintains presence to support partners
NATO to see chasing British warship in Black Sea as Russia's well-choreographed move, experts believe
Senator Jeanne Shaheen: Russia’s first play to subvert democracy in Eastern Europe started with Georgia
NATO: Russia continues violations of Ukraine’s and Georgia’s territorial integrity
US Deputy Assistant Secretary: Domestic drama in Georgia, Russian occupation to hinder NATO aspirations
Georgian MFA holds Russia accountable for death of 3 occupied Gali residents
IRI: 45 per cent of citizens believe Georgia's foreign policy to be pro-Western but keep up relations with Russia
Russian Deputy FM: Geneva Talks to be is much broader than ECHR judgement
Russia holds Georgia's NATO membership to cause tensions in the region