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WADA agreed to ban Russia from major international sporting competitions for four years
Joint statement of the Group of Friends of Georgia on Russia-Georgia Conflict
CoE calls on Russia to pay Georgia 10,000,000 euros in respect of non-pecuniary damage
U.S. Senate committee to consider bill to impose stiff new sanctions on Russia
Jens Stoltenberg - We see a Russia, which has been responsible for aggressive actions against Georgia, Ukraine, but also have forces in Moldova
Izvestia - Flights between Georgia and Russia will resume for the first half of 2020
Mike Pompeo: Today, Russia – led by a former KGB officer ‒ invades its neighbors
Natia Turnava: We'll welcome if Russia resumes direct flights with Georgia
Shalva Tadumadze – Russia is occupant and it is the obligation of every Georgia to fix the reality
French President - Russia's return to PACE is not a double standard
Five countries to release joint statement today about return of Russia to PACE
CoE Committee of Ministers to study fulfillment of Strasbourg Court’s verdict by Russia
President of Estonia – If we swallowed Georgia and Crimea, there will be the next Red Line to be crossed by Russia
Explosion at Russian research lab that stores smallpox virus
Urmas Reinsalu: Russia should be held accountable for its aggression against Georgia and Ukraine
Salome Zurabishvili - 11 years ago on 26 August Russia violated international law by recognizing "independence" of Abkhazia and South Ossetia
Morgan Ortagus - The United States calls on Russia to suspend its illegal occupation of 20 percent of Georgian territory
Morgan Ortagus - We will not stop working until Russia ends its occupation of sovereign Georgian territory
EU calls on the Russian authorities to release demonstrators detained during protest rally
Russia and Iran confirm bid to expand military cooperation