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Russia reports 6,632 new cases of novel coronavirus
MEP Viola Von Cramon - It would be a wonder if Russia does not interfere and does not try to meddle into the next elections
German Chancellor - We realize that hybrid war and destabilization methods are a typical example of Russia's behavior
Russia reports 6,852 new cases of coronavirus
Russia reports 6,800 new coronavirus cases
Andrzej Duda: Russia’s imperial ambitions have been revived over the last tens of years, because Georgia was attacked in 2008
Supportive statements on Georgia at 43rd session of Human Rights Council
Russia reports 7,972 new coronavirus cases
Hubert Knirsch: The Phrase about Georgian gov't in Germany's federal prosecutor's statement belongs to Zelimkhan Khangoshvili
Russia registers 8,706 new coronavirus cases
Russia reports 8,987 new coronavirus infection cases
Russia Reports 5,725 Deaths from COVID-19
COVID-19 cases grow by 8,726 in Russia
Russia reports 181 new coronavirus deaths
Russia reports 232 deaths from coronavirus in last 24 hours
MFA: Russia's call on other countries to comply with the Open Skies Treaty is cynical
Russia reports 9,434 new COVID-19 infections
Russia reports 9,200 new coronavirus infections
Russia reports 10,598 new coronavirus cases
Poland: Russia's aggression against Georgia poses a threat to European security