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Citizens from occupied territories to be Covid-19 tested instead of 5-day quarantine
Latvia to introduce 4-week quarantine from November 9
Lithuania introduces 3-week quarantine
WHO calls for a 14-day quarantine period amid alarming rates of COVID-19 transmission
Amiran Gamkrelidze does not rule out that the quarantine and isolation period will be further reduced
Special quarantine regime in Azerbaijan extended until July 1
Hard quarantine measures announced in major Azerbaijani cities for weekend
Quarantine regime to be lifted in Tetritskaro district
183 Georgian citizens returned home via Berlin-Tbilisi flight
First University Clinic working in quarantine regime
Russia announces extension of quarantine until May 11
Quarantine, isolation rules' violation to be fined GEL 2,000 for a natural person and GEL 10,000 for a juristic person
Ukraine extends COVID-19 quarantine until May 11
Protesters block road in Marneuli municipality (VIDEO)
Khidiskhuri village of Khashuri Municipality placed under strict quarantine
51 people recover from COVID-19 in Georgia
Azerbaijan tightens quarantine regime
Quarantine has been declared throughout Georgia due to COVID-19
Some individuals leave quarantine zone today
Number of people in quarantine rises to 4055