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Protest at Rustaveli Avenue
Three rally participants detained at Rustaveli Avenue
French public sector workers join rail strikers for day of protest
Working on terms of agreement reached between Interior Minister and protest organizers to start today
Water cannon vehicles and riot police arrived at Rustaveli Avenue
Several participants of the counter-rally detained
PM: I call on law enforcers to strengthen security measures in order to prevent confrontation
"Glory to the nation, death to enemy" - Georgian National Unity holds counter-rally near Rustaveli Avenue [Photo, Video]
Protest organized by White Noise Movement resumed at parliament
Three different rallies are being held simultaneously at Rustaveli Avenue
Three persons detained at Rustaveli Avenue [Video]
Police dismantled tents in front of the parliament building
White Noise Movement holding protest at parliament
President leaves parliament in protest
Actions of civil disobedience have been resumed in Armenia
Armenian Protest Leader Nikol Pashinan Released
According to Armenian media group of military units joined the rally participants
Mass detentions started in Yerevan [Photo]
Protest continue in Yerevan, opposition chants ‘Say no to Serzh’
Several participants of rally detained in Yerevan [Photos]