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12 people detained during protest at parliament
Giga Bokeria – Protest will continue
Rally organized at parliament by oppositional parties over for today
Law enforcers detain three people during protest at parliament
Protesters to begin picketing of parliament tonight
Protest continues at parliament (Photo)
Members of the Movement 'Dare' put a padlock on the fence of the President's residence
Several people detained during protest at Georgian Dream office
Leader of National Movement to governmental authorities: “You will not reach October, even if you die”
MIA gives protesters 30 minutes as deadline to clear the territory at parliament
Grigol Vashadze – Government will not agree on election model to that of Germany, Tanzania or Uganda
Protest outside Georgian Dream office
US Embassy warns U.S. government personnel over planned protest activity in Tbilisi
Protesters block Rustaveli Avenue (Photo)
Protest rally "Don't Dare!" is being held in front of the Parliament
Protest at Parliament and Presidential Residence
Representatives of Movement “It is a Shame” and National Movement holding protest (Photo/Video)
Rally held in Ushguli, protesters demand rehabilitation of historic towers
EU calls on the Russian authorities to release demonstrators detained during protest rally
Protest to be held at Rustaveli Avenue