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NCDC: Staff Covid testing to be precondition to open businesses
Influenza cases dwindle in Georgia
NCDC: No clinical progression difference between new and old Covid-19 strains
Deputy Head of NCDC: No much difference between new and old stains of COVID
Deputy Head of Diseases Control Center - We expect stabilization of pandemic with the expansion of restrictions, the result should be in two weeks
Paata Imnadze: Seasonal flu is not yet circulating in Georgia. 90% is coronavirus
Deputy Head of Diseases Control Center – Our economy will not resist lockdown, location restrictions should be expanded
Deputy Head of Diseases Control Center – Entering district shop may be more risky than voting in elections
Deputy Head of Center for Diseases Control – At the end of November, we will probably have 3000 – 4000 COVID-19 cases per day
NCDC Head says gov't discussing large-scale restrictive measures for Tbilisi
Paata Imnadze – Reality is that Coronavirus continues
Paata Imnadze calls on citizens who visited Cafe Havana in Kobuleti for being cautious
Paata Imnadze says not following rules will result in situation happening in neighbouring countries
Paata Imnadze: Our Russian colleagues are studying bats as well, maybe they pay $5,000
Paata Imnadze says the source of infection of one new patient is unknown
BBC: How 'three musketeers' helped Georgia fight virus
Paata Imnadze: Georgia offered help to Armenia in fight against COVID-19
Paata Imnadze: Nobody said not to use air conditioner at home, we are talking about air conditioners in public places that re-circulate indoor air
Paata Imnadze urges citizens to wear a face mask
Paata Imnadze: Some individuals with COVID-19 weren't aware they had a virus