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Opposition holding meeting at Labor Party office
First Vice Speaker of Parliament - All this indicates that opposition does not want to hold elections
Statement of the political dialog facilitators on agreement between gov't and opposition
Gov't and opposition agree on a 120/30 electoral model
Meeting between Gov't and Opposition underway
Carl Hartzell - There is a possibility of agreement between gov't and opposition
Eka Beselia states that position on electoral system will be introduced to diplomatic corps
Kakha Kaladze – Georgian Dream ready for negotiations with opposition
Opposition announces large-scale rally
Majority MP calls on opposition for return to parliamentary work
Opposition postponed protest scheduled for today
Opposition says the list of the victims of political persecution will be published on January 8, 2020
Opposition parties cancel picketing of parliament planned for December 19
Opposition continues picketing and plans to hold demonstrations in Zugdidi and Batumi
Carl Hartzell - We should boost the dialogue on election system between Gov't and opposition 
Carl Hartzell - The discussion was not easy, but I see the sides have a responsible approach to the dialogue
The third meeting between the government and the opposition happening now
The third meeting between the government and the opposition parties will be held today
Opposition leaders meet MEPs
Opposition registers new bill regarding change of electoral system