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Majority MP: UNM Chair to directly admit UNM’s purpose to remove GD members from parliament
UNM Chairman Melia deems Michel’s document turned page, says they move on
UNM rebuffs to sign EU-brokered compromise paper
UNM to enter Parliament
UNM Chair Melia meets local party organization leaders in Telavi
UNM Chair to inform about party decision in 10 days
UNM chair to meet Mikheil Saakashvili in Kyiv
UNM Chair to communicate with locals in regions
Justice Ministry: ECHR standard procedure to rule judgement takes up to two years
UNM Chair Melia files complaint to ECHR
Senator Risch encouraged to see Nika Melia released from prison
GD Chair sees UNM Chair as political criminal with limited intellectual abilities
UNM's Melia believes opposition to unite for Tbilisi mayoral candidate and all other leading posts
Žygimantas Pavilionis: Melia is free with thanks to EU and US negotiators and me personally
UNM Chair thanks ambassadors, President Michel and international partners
Viola von Cramon calls on sides to focus on points that require cooperation
UNM Chair left jail
Court substitutes UNM Melia’s pre-trial detention with release on bail
Tbilisi City Court to trial the Melia case today
POG applies Tbilisi City Court to change pre-trial detention measure against Nika Melia