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Gov't officials decry Mtavari Arkhi's allegations
GD decries Mtavari Arkhi's allegations over throwing off its cameraman from GD office 
EU Ambassador evaluates private phone number disclosure as unpleasant surprise
Strategy Aghmashenebeli: Attack on EU, US Ambassadors faulty
MP Khundadze: Destructive opposition bullies int'l partners
Labour Party leader: US Ambassador follows strategy, tactics that portray her vision, policy
MP Talishvili: Opposition remarks on EU, US Ambassadors mismatch Georgian policy
Girchi: Ruining relations with Western institutions amid crises not pragmatic
Georgian Parliament Vice-Speaker: Ambassadors voice represented countries, not personal views
Citizens leader says Russia dreams of seeing discredited West
Nika Gvaramia: This gov’t to be overthrown. US, EU ambassadors to apologize for anti-Georgian behaviour
Nika Gvaramia: US, EU Ambassadors’ behavior harms the West
General Director of Main Channel – I did not divulge my sources, this is investigation journalism
General Director of Main Channel summoned for questioning into Giorgi Shakarashvili’s death case
Nika Gvaramia - Vasambek Bokov is not a killer, he is a member of the group studying the routes, and his accomplices may be citizens of Georgia
Nika Gvaramia declines to be questioned at the State Security Service
Nika Gvaramia: Liquidation of journalist Giorgi Gabunia was planned on the order of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov
Activists of “Make a Change” movement hold protest at State Security Service
General Prosecutor’s Office filed new charges against Nika Gvaramia
Nika Gvaramia refuses to pay bail