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MIA detained four persons for participating in group violence on June 20-21
One law enforcer detained in connection with June 20-21 developments
MIA calls on public, civil groups to allow the border delimitation Commissions to work in a calm atmosphere
MIA: Situation in Davit Gareji remains calm
MIA summoned several leaders of the oppositional parties for questioning
MIA: We urge the parties of the demonstrations not to exceed the legal frames of the right to assembly and expression
MIA detains 10 members of 'Criminal World'
Four persons arrested for participating in group violence on June 20-21
MIA applied to the court in connecting with the questioning of Gigi Ugulava, Gia Baramidze and Irakli Okruashvili
MIA released statement regarding participation of police forces in June 20-21 events
Drivers to be able to pay video fines through official webpage of MIA
Giorgi Gakharia requests to appear before plenary session of parliament
Ten law enforcers participated in the dispersal of recent protest suspended from duties
MIA summoned Gigi Ugulava, Nika Melia and Irakli Okruashvili for questioning
Deputy Interior Minister: 350 demonstrators have been detained for various offenses
MIA: For information about the detainees, call the hotline of the General Inspectorate of the Ministry
MIA calls on protesters to stop violating law
One detained in connection with metro "Rustaveli" incident
MIA applies to tourist agencies in connection with Lomisoba celebration
Agreement between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and LGBT organizations in connection with “Tbilisi Pride” not reached