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Police seize 20 kg marijuana from foreign citizen’s handbag at Tbilisi Airport
Natia Mezvrishvili – We protect juveniles from negative influence of Marijuana consumption
Incoming Luxembourg government plans to legalize recreational marijuana
Giorgi Gakharia – Use of Marijuana will be strictly regulated
MIA – Consumption of marijuana will be strictly regulated by law
Irakli Kobakhidze: If cannabis cultivation causes no harm to the public and brings great benefit for economy, why should we refuse?
2 women arrested for selling marijuana edibles at church event
Legislative Initiative about regulations on consumption of Marijuana to be discussed
Gia Volski not rules out withdrawal of bill on marijuana cultivation from parliament
Ilia II - Why do we need the kind of economy if we lose our children
Father Shalva Kekelia - The law about marijuana cannot be adopted
Natia Mezvrishvili – On the question if a person consumed marijuana 20 days ago and drives a car today will be punished, the answer is No
Price for obtaining license for production of medical-purpose Marijuana not defined
Irakli Kobakhidze - Draft on marijuana consumption does not leave any space for speculation
Bishop of Bodbe Jakob speaks about threat of Russia’s invasion
MIA releases information about new legislative initiative on consumption of Marijuana
Giorgi Gakharia – Involvement of youngsters under 21 in consumption of Marijuana to be punished
Consumption of Marijuana in presence of juveniles, near educational institutions and on duty to be strictly punished
MIA – Government considering issue of production of Marijuana for export
Where marijuana consumption to be prohibited - MIA prepared legislative amendments