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Mamuka Bakhtadze – Elections are best, transparent and objective criteria
Mamuka Bakhtadze: We are bound to see soon that Georgia turns into a hi-tech producer country
Mamuka Bakhtadze – Georgian and international community once again saw elections held in democratic and free environment
PM accuses National Movement of trying to escalate situation with aggression
Education and Science City to be built in Batumi
Mamuka Bakhtadze: My personal undertaking is to build up an innovations-driven eco-system in Georgia
Mamuka Bakhtadze: We are adding additional capacities to our Railway and are constructing a deep sea port on western bank of Black Sea
Mamuka Bakhtadze: We have ambition to be multi-dimensional hub in our region
Transport movement routes to change during rehabilitation of Chavchavadze Avenue
Georgian Prime Minister begins official visit to Kazakhstan
Mamuka Bakhtadze – We proved that Georgia deserves more and is ready to receive more
PM - Georgia is a good example of transformation. Georgia is ready to take further steps
Mamuka Bakhtadze: Our nation, every Georgian, has built this cathedral through joint efforts and in oneness of mind
PM: We will cancel taxes for all entrepreneurs producing ecologically clean products
Mamuka Bakhtadze – Talks that Georgia may be suspended visa liberalization are groundless
Mamuka Bakhtadze will hold an Official Visit to Kazakhstan
Prime Minister Hosts French Interior Minister
Mamuka Bakhtadze: Teacher's profession should be well-regarded in Georgia
Mamuka Bakhtadze: Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railroad project is of strategic importance to our country
Mamuka Bakhtadze: We continue intensive and targeted reforms to bring Georgia in line with the EU norms and standards, including in the field of privacy and data protection