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Georgian soldiers killed in Shindisi remembered
Levan Izoria: Even when it is hard emotionally to listen to statements from Russia, we should implement the main strategic tasks with common sense
Large-scale multinational military exercise Agile Spirit 2019 to be held on July 27-August 9
Levan Izoria met Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels
Levan Izoria: There has never been such recognition of Georgia by NATO, as we have today
Levan Izoria – 3-year frame-agreement to be signed with US in defense sphere
Levan Izoria: To the question whether Tskhinvali was bombed when the city was sleeping, my answer is “no”
Levan Izoria: Javelin system has been fully purchased and delivered to Georgia
Acting US Defense Secretary sends letter to Georgia’s Defence Minister
Levan Izoria: We have unprecedented dynamics in terms of deepening NATO-Georgia cooperation
Levan Izoria will meet Jens Stoltenberg and  Rose Gottemoeller
Levan Izoria: Flats will be allocated to military personnel with whom the state has obligation
Georgia and France sign contract on purchase of anti-aircraft management and control system
Levan Izoria to depart for France to sign contract on anti-aircraft system
Agreement on cooperation between Georgian and German Defense Ministries to be signed
Levan Izoria – Russia’s activities in Atotsi village violate international norms
Levan Izoria – Attacks of televisions is especially during the pre-election period is amoral
NATO Secretary-General to arrive in Georgia in March of 2019
Levan Izoria - Giorgi Antsukhelidze is hero of our epoch
Levan Izoria - Our international relations lie on protection of our dignity