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US Ambassador, GPB Director General discuss Public Broadcaster's role
US Ambassador: Public Broadcasting plays important role in healthy democracy
Health Minister: Georgians to get Pfizer vaccine
US Ambassador congratulates Georgians on New Year
US Ambassador: Georgians and Americans are building a better future for our two countries and for this region
Nika Gvaramia: This gov’t to be overthrown. US, EU ambassadors to apologize for anti-Georgian behaviour
Nika Gvaramia: US, EU Ambassadors’ behavior harms the West
US Ambassador: All elected members of parliament to take their seats
U.S. Ambassador – It is a very good sign that political parties are working together again and trying to find the way out
Kelly Degnan: Our sincere thanks to Georgia for the greatest hospitality and friendship,  so generously on display for the Secretary of State's visit
US Ambassador: We look forward to working with next Parliament to continue strengthening Georgia’s democratic institutions, election processes
US Ambassador – I see peaceful atmosphere and I hope that it will continue so during the whole day
US Ambassador to Georgia – Please, go to vote, wear face masks and observe social distancing rule
US Ambassador: I wish to see an and to personality politics that has been polarising Georgian society
Kelly Degnan: US wants Georgia's elections to go smoothly
US Ambassador: Rigorous election monitoring is essential to ensuring legitimate elections with credible results that are trusted by people
US Ambassador – It is always important to ensure the safety of journalists
US Ambassador on David Gareji case: Investigation is underway, therefore, it would not be right for me to make any statement
US Ambassador – Every party should explain to their supporters that violence and intimidation is unacceptable
US Ambassador: Since it is election year in Georgia, information security is as important as ever