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300 new minibuses to enter Tbilisi
Tbilisi Mayor – There was no physical violence, two provocateurs tried to cause disorder
Gov't requires public transport passengers to wear face masks during the journey 
Kakha Kaladze: Resumption of public transport is expected by the beginning of June
Kakha Kaladze says that election list and Majoritarian candidates of Georgian Dream will become known soon
Kakha Kaladze -- From a political point of view, I fully understand President's decision to pardon Ugulava and Okruashvili
Tbilisi Mayor – Communication with American Senators is necessary so that they have accurate information and are not misled
Mayor: Reconstruction of Children's City "Mziuri" is at the last stage
Kakha Kaladze: Yellow buses in Tbilisi will be replaced by end of 2020
New buses to operate on Tbilisi-Rustavi road
Tbilisi Mayor – Only person who has possibility and mandate for pardoning is President
Tbilisi Mayor: When experts say to restore public transport service, we will recommence work
Kakha Kaladze: There are no political prisoners in Georgia, we have individuals who have committed specific crimes
Kakha Kaladze: A and B categories taxi drivers will receive social assistance
Mayor - Levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air decreased in Tbilisi
Georgian gov't to announce decision on utility bills
Some individuals leave quarantine zone today
Entrepreneurs, who have spaces for open cafes and bars on lease from state to be free from lease payments in 2020
Tbilisi wins LCD Berlin Award for Best Emerging Culture City
126 BMC-mark municipal buses to serve passengers in Tbilisi