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Tbilisi Mayor wishes success to ministerial candidates
Traffic movement on Chavchavadze Avenue to be restored from September 15
“Georgian House” opened in Minsk
Georgian market has potential for new TV stations
Zonal-hour parking to be activated at Kote Abkhazi Street starting from today
Street trading to be possible at special places starting August 10
Tbilisi Mayor – Newly-rehabilitated Park to be opened in Gldani on August 2
Kakha Kaladze - Everybody is obliged to obey the decision of Strasbourg Court
Kakha Kaladze - Georgian Dream has the ambition and resource to win a majority in the Parliament in 2020 elections
Tbilisi to have 18 and 24 meter long municipal buses
Tbilisi Mayor – Democracy does not mean chaos
Foreign experts will conduct master classes and workshops for students
Kakha Kaladze: We cannot leave provocation of such scale hidden under “patriotism” without a strict response
Tbilisi Mayor is paying working visit to France
Kakha Kaladze – Security of tourists including Russians are fully ensured in Georgia
Kakha Kaladze: Russian delegation members are leaving Georgia, obviously, the conference will not and cannot continue in this form
Some violations at constructions will become punishable by criminal law
Transport movement to be limited from Varaziskhevi Ascend to Ateni Street
Construction regulations to be activated in historic part of Old Tbilisi
Majority of NDI respondents praise Kakha Kaladze’s performance