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EU Ambassador: Appointment of two new judges to be hasty, non-transparent, non-competitive
ODIHR report: Nomination of Supreme Court Judges to be still marked by shortcomings despite recent improvements
Common Courts judges to concern over attempts to discredit judiciary
PACE Rapporteurs ‘Deplore’ Appointment of 14 Judges
Justice Minister – Statement of US Embassy signals that we should continue working on perfection of court system
Co-rapporteurs of PACE - Parliament must rectify the selection process for Supreme Court judges
ODIHR publishes report on the First Phase of the Nomination and Appointment of Supreme Court Judges in Georgia
OSCE/ODIHR will monitor the ongoing process of selection of the Supreme Court judges
List of judges, appointed by Supreme Council of Justice, unveiled
Eka Beselia – Our partners are disappointed with draft-bill about appointment of judges
Chairman of Parliament does not rule out taking remarks of Venice Commission into consideration
Parliament approves draft law on rules for selection of judges
Ombudsman says draft law on selection of Supreme Court judges cannot respond to existing challenges
Tamar Chugoshvili: If Council of Justice not suspend appointment of judges for a lifetime, the Parliament should withdraw all five members from the Council, appointed by its quota
UNDP Resident Representative hopes process of lifetime appointment of judges will be transparent
Irakli Kobakhidze – Work on criteria for selection of judges to be carried out in 2 formats
Giorgi Mikautadze: It is important that each candidates is ready to be fully transparently subjected to any criterion
Appointment of judges with life-term may be suspended
Supreme Court Head Nino Gvenetadze signs decree on appointment of 34 judges for lifetime
Nino Gvenetadze likely to quit the post