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Jens Stoltenberg: NATO to continue strengthening cooperation with Georgia, Ukraine
Defense Minister, NATO Secretary-General meet in Brussels
Jens Stoltenberg: Allies make it clear that Georgia is a highly valued partner
NATO Secretary General: We will continue to support Georgia and Ukraine to bring them closer to NATO
Nato allies confirm Georgia to become member state, though exact date still pending
NATO Secretary-General expects NATO leaders to recommit support to Georgia and Ukraine
Georgian President: April 19 agreement to deepen Georgia’s progress on Euro-Atlantic road
Georgian President, NATO SG hold phone talk
NATO to discuss further strengthening partnership with Georgia and Ukraine
NATO Secretary-General claims Alliance door remains open
NATO SG: NATO allies concerned with recent developments in Georgia, detention of major opposition party leader
PM Gharibashvili: Time has come to move forward on Georgia’s NATO aspirations
NATO SG: NATO stands by 2008 Bucharest decisions on Georgia
NATO SG: NATO calls on Russia to withdraw forces from Abkhazia and South Ossetia
NATO SG: Georgia to be one of NATO’s most important partners
NATO SG: NATO expects Georgia to uphold democratic standards
PM Gharibashvili: NATO membership to be top priority enshrined in Georgian Constitution
NATO helps Georgia strengthen defence capacities, prepare for eventual NATO membership
Georgian PM to meet NATO SG
NATO SG: Non-EU countries, US, Canada, UK, Turkey defend European flanks