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GD Chairman to rule out conflict in the party
Irakli Kobakhidze elected Chairman of Georgian Dream
Irakli Kobakhidze nominated to chair GD party
Georgia to introduce electronic technologies for next elections
MP Kobakhidze: Int'l friends pushed Georgian ex-president to step down
Parliamentary majority leader says no snap elections to be held in Georgia
Parliamentary Majority: Over thousand prisoners to be pardoned
Parliamentary majority welcomes opposition MPs in parliament
GD held bilateral consultations with opposition parties
Parliamentary majority: Americans see everything their decisions show
Parliamentary Majority: Opposition retreats, realizes complexity of situation
Parliamentary Majority: Georgia to have multiparty parliament
Georgian Dream: ISFED flaw hardly to be human mistake
MP Kobakhidze: ISFED admits PVT results fraud
Georgian Dream ready for talks with opposition
Parliamentary majority want to see many opposition parties at parliament
State funding to be suspended to parliamentary parties that renounce their seats
Parliamentary Majority Leader: Georgian Eva Brown attacks German Ambassador
Georgian Dream: ISFED to cover information about technical fault in vote calculation
Executive Secretary of Georgian Dream: Any talk about election fraud is a lie and speculation