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GD Chair: Ruling team complies with content of document
GD to integrate Georgia and its government into the EU
GD Chair: Opposition to prove whether it plays Russian or Georgian game
GD Chair to hold high-level meetings in Brussels
GD Chair meets Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Ron Johnson
GD chair sums up his visit to US
GD Chair to meet Senator James Risch
GD Chairman left for US
GD Chairman claims people seen in open or secret ties with Russia protested Russian journalist visit in Georgia
GD Chairman: Ultimatum regarding elections and Rurua ruined negotiations
GD Chair: Opposition failed to provide any evidence on elections fraud
GD Chairman Kobakhidze: No early elections to be a given, not ultimatum
Accusation of GD Chair of PVT forge aims at ISFED discredit
GD Chairman: Opposition intended to disrupt talks
Ruling team and opposition likely to meet today
GD Chair sees negotiations move in right direction
GD Chair: Several points of possible agreement to be discussed today
GD: Government made all proposals reflected in document
Negotiations to continue after visit of PM to Brussels
Christian Danielsson to meet ruling team again