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Giorgi Gakharia expresses condolence to family of murdered girl in Gori
Giorgi Gakharia: We know in details all the plans aiming to cause destabilization, but elections will be held peacefully
Giorgi Gakharia – We are not going to have conflict with any part of society regarding cultivation of marijuana
Giorgi Gakharia: It was war against Georgian and the Abkhaz people
Giorgi Gakharia – We will not let anybody quit, the best ones will remain on best positions
Minors’ Department to be set up under MIA
Giorgi Gakharia – MIA changes rule for employment of personnel
Giorgi Gakharia – Involvement of youngsters under 21 in consumption of Marijuana to be punished
Georgia and Ukraine agree on joint struggle against “thieves-in-law” and drug crime
Giorgi Gakharia -Together with Azerbaijan, we plan to fight against heroin trafficking from Iran
Giorgi Gakharia - Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti should be one of the most developed regions
Giorgi Gakharia – Let Commission finish its work and make recommendations and conclusions
Giorgi Gakharia – MIA determined who Mirza Subeliani was and detained him when necessary
Giorgi Gakharia and Irakli Shotadze answering questions of Facts-Finding Commission
Investigators of Central Criminal Police to undergo training at FBI Academy
Giorgi Gakharia and Maia Tskitishvili appointed as Vice Prime Ministers
Giorgi Gakharia – We will be first to demand punishment of police officers in case they exceed duties
Giorgi Gakharia: If we cause any discomfort, we will once again do apologize
Paid Internship - New Rules for employing at MIA to be introduced
MPs are listening to Giorgi Gakharia