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Georgian PM to hold meetings in European Commission, European Parliament
President of European Council: Excellent discussion on how to further intensify EU-Georgia relations as per the cornerstone Association Agreement
EU and Georgia sign financing agreements for COVID-19 Recovery worth €129 million
Giorgi Gakharia -- The most important part for us was to figure out the function of Georgia - the new role of Georgia on Black Sea security
Jens Stoltenberg – Georgia makes key contributions to our shared security
NATO Secretary General thanks Georgian PM for faithfulness
NATO Secretary General – Georgia is NATO’s important partner
Georgian PM to meet with NATO Secretary General within framework of visit to Brussels
Georgian PM to hold high-level meetings in Brussels
PM: We must work hard day-to-day to ensure that our children, Abkhazians, Georgians live together in an economically strong, educated, European state
Georgian PM: Gov't, National Bank have enough resources to start Georgia's economic recovery quickly, which will have rapid impact on exchange rate
Georgian PM says educational process will resume according to plan
PM: Elections will be held in peaceful, democratic, transparent environment
PM epressed condolence to families of Ukrainian military plane crash victims
PM - Georgia will never accept occupation!
PM - Georgia is a part of European civilization and therefore, the way of our country’s development is unchanged. This is European and Euro-Atlantic integration
Giorgi Gakharia: We realise that paramount elections are on ahead, and issues linked to cyberspace can become significant challenge
Robert O’Brien echoes telephone conversation with Georgian PM: We continue to expand the strong U.S.- Georgia partnership
Tbilisi hosts Cyber ​​Security Forum
Georgian PM addresses participants of high-level Open Government Summit together with world leaders