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PM meets with Head of OSCE/ODIHR Observer Mission
Giorgi Gakharia: Georgia is directly interested in resolving any kind of conflict in our region only through negotiations
Georgian PM: We won't stop election process despite some so-called experts' calls
PM says Georgia remains green country
Georgian PM: We must repeat success that we enjoyed during the first stage, and in order to achieve this, three components – citizens, establishments, the state – must work together
Giorgi Gakharia: We do not need any complications in this election. We will fairly win in all conditions
PM: We have to wait little more, to do our best to take care of each other, of our elderly
NATO chief tells Georgian PM to ‘prepare for membership’ - Emerging Europe publishes article under this title
Giorgi Gakharia suggests to EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel that Georgian students’ tuition in Europe could be equated to that of their peers from EU member states
Georgian PM echoes military confrontation between Azerbaijan, Armenia
Georgian PM to hold meetings in European Commission, European Parliament
President of European Council: Excellent discussion on how to further intensify EU-Georgia relations as per the cornerstone Association Agreement
EU and Georgia sign financing agreements for COVID-19 Recovery worth €129 million
Giorgi Gakharia -- The most important part for us was to figure out the function of Georgia - the new role of Georgia on Black Sea security
Jens Stoltenberg – Georgia makes key contributions to our shared security
NATO Secretary General thanks Georgian PM for faithfulness
NATO Secretary General – Georgia is NATO’s important partner
Georgian PM to meet with NATO Secretary General within framework of visit to Brussels
Georgian PM to hold high-level meetings in Brussels
PM: We must work hard day-to-day to ensure that our children, Abkhazians, Georgians live together in an economically strong, educated, European state