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German Advisory Centre to sue on behalf of Georgian seasonal workers
UK, Germany to support Georgia’s territorial integrity
Germany to suspend incoming flights from Russian airlines
First flow of Georgian job seekers leaves for Germany
First flow of Georgian job seekers to depart for Germany on April 14
Registration for legal work in Germany to kick off on February 15
Georgian citizens to be employed in German agriculture
Germany, France say Georgia to continue debate on electoral, judicial reforms in parliament
Germany and France encourage Georgia to continue on the path of democratic reform
German to create hundreds of vaccination centres from December
Reuters: Germany adds Georgia, Jordan, Romania, Tunisia to corona risk list
Plane carrying Alexey Navalny leaves Russia for Germany
Russian doctors allow Alexey Navalny's transfer to Germany
125 students depart for Germany by special charter flight
Germany says Russia does not make significant contribution to the investigation into Khangoshvili murder case
Germany adds parts of Romania, Bulgaria to list of COVID risk areas
Germany allocates 170 million euro loan and 28.5 million euro grant to Georgia
Germany to test people returning from high-risk countries
Georgia receives medical shipment from Germany
More than 1M people recovered from COVID-19 worldwide