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Majoritarian candidates of Georgian Dream in Tbilisi
Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia to present Majoritarian candidates across Georgia
Georgian Dream's Political Council approved the list of majoritarian candidates
Irakli Kobakhidze appointed Head of Elections Headquarters of Georgian Dream
Shekvetili Dendrological Park to open on July 15
Hogan Lovells submits a letter to the US Congress on behalf of Georgian Dream 
Georgian Dream released a statement on 1st anniversary of June 20 developments
Irakli Kobakhidze: Georgian Dream's election list will be published in early July
Archil Talakvadze: Georgian Dream fulfils obligations envisaged by the March 8 Agreement
Davit Bakradze calls on government to fulfill the agreement
The meeting of parliamentary majority is being held at office of Georgian Dream
Georgian Dream leaders holding meetings in European Parliament
Tbilisi Court imposes bail to the members of faction “Georgian Dream”
Activists of “It is a shame” hold activity-performance at Georgian Dream Office (Photo)
Facebook erases 418 non-authentic accounts created in Georgia
Erekle Kukhianidze decided to leave the majority
Giorgi Kandelaki - Georgian Dream thinks they can scare any person with repression
Georgian Dream holding activity “Georgia’s Way to Europe” at Freedom Square (Photo)
Georgian Dream to hold activity “Georgia’s Way to Europe” at Freedom Square
Sitting of parliamentary majority being held at Georgian Dream Party office