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GD expresses strong commitment to signing renewed EU-backed compromise paper
Georgian Dream: We heed int'l partners advice and we are ready to kick off discussions over increasing 40% indicator of confidence
GD: We've signed document proposed under the aegis of President Michel, we call on opposition to put interests of country above everything else and sign the document
MEP Cramon: Good to see GD showing readiness to compromise
French Ambassador hopes signing EU-mediated paper to be solution to political crisis
EU mediator's proposal to Georgian political parties
Georgian Dream signs EU mediator Danielsson's compromise paper
Strategy Aghmashenebeli: Opposition plans to gather 100 thousand people on Freedom Square on May 15
Three of six separated GD MPs to quit parliamentary posts
Ex-GD MPs vow to address immediate challenges
Six MPs quit Georgian Dream
GD Chairman left for US
European Georgia's Sergi Kapanadze: Georgia bombed Tskhinvali, but not civilians
GD leaders start regional tour within pre-election campaign
MEP Viola von Cramon: Opposition to take responsibility, first steps
Georgian Dream, opposition blame each other for failed talks amid MEPs criticism
Georgian Dream, opposition echo MEPs joint statement on failed EU mediated talks
EU mediator held second meeting with ruling team
EU mediator meets GD
Political actors in Georgia echo US Ambassador's statement on lack of courage to compromise