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Kakha Kaladze urges citizens to go to polls to 'put end to Bolshevism'
US Defense Secretary's visit aims at advancing Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration, MP Khelashvili says
Democracy does not need pathological figures, MP Kobakhidze hints at UNM leaders
GD secures 66% of Sakrebulo seats across Georgia, MP Kobakhidze says
Mamuka Khazaradze believes changes to start in Tbilisi
Kakha Kaladze thanks supporters for their trust
Elene Khoshtaria says people defeated GD
Ruling team says GD wins elections 
Peaceful, fierce protest may become essential part of fight, Giga Bokeria says
UNM's provocations to be responded on October 2, MP Kobakhidze says
GD Chair sees EU Ambassador's surveillance remarks as 'slightly off' diplomatic standards
GD decries Mtavari Arkhi's allegations over throwing off its cameraman from GD office 
Kakha Kaladze: Tbilisi will win for sure, and all the districts will be breathing life
Lado Bozhadze calls on citizens to vote, confident of GD's victory
Leakage of incriminating files to be probed
Nana Devdariani: Nothing changed for the better, neither in GD's nine-year rule nor UNM when in power
UNM's election campaign not genuine, MP Papuashvili says
No new election to be held in Georgia till 2024, PM says
Ruling team, opposition agree on election issues
GD to win October 2 race as it has no alternative, PM says