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Georgian PM, Azerbaijani President to talk strategic partnership and joint regional projects
Georgia to host US Coast Guard cutter Hamilton
Ex-President Saakashvili says to have crazy support, Navalny to be a hero but receives no such support in Russia
Lithuanian FM: Lithuania is a true friend of Georgian people and true supporter of Georgia's Trans-Atlantic aspirations
Turkish Ambassador states Namakhvani HPP to be built for Georgia and Georgians, not against them
Senators Johnson, Risch and Shaheen introduced Georgia-supportive resolution to Senate
Turkish Ambassador: Erdogan to visit Georgia, timing to be confirmed
MEP Kaljurand: EU may not want enlargement now, but Georgia to continue reforms
MEP Kaljurand: Completely new situation in Georgia, but agreement implementation to be crucial
US Department of State calls on individual MPs and remaining parties to sign Michel's agreement
Ex-President Saakashvili: I never gave arrival date, now I ask supporters to prepare
Lithuanian President welcomes political consensus in Georgia
MEP Marina Kaljurand: No solution to political crisis might impact specific policies
Armenian President sees strengthening relations with Georgia to be important for regional security
NATO: Russia continues violations of Ukraine’s and Georgia’s territorial integrity
PM Garibashvili: Georgia to be proud of contribution to Afghanistan mission
Entry rules for visitors from India tighten due to pandemic
US Deputy Assistant Secretary: Domestic drama in Georgia, Russian occupation to hinder NATO aspirations
MEP Viola von Cramon to opposition: If you stay out, if you go for street revolution, we will not work together
MEPs react to the refusal of Georgian political parties to reach an agreement, call for consequences in terms of EU financial assistance