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Foreign Ministry releases statement about attack on Saudi Arabia oil facilities
Foreign Ministry applies to international community to react upon illegal developments at occupational line
Foreign Ministry calls on international community for taking effective measures about illegal process ongoing at occupational line
Foreign Ministry releases statement in connection with 11th anniversary of 2008 Russia-Georgia war
Foreign Ministry – Five Georgians detained in Ukraine released after paying fine
Foreign Ministry – Contributing to calm work of delimitation commissions is precondition of progress
Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan congratulates Georgian on the Independence Day
Foreign Ministry – Representatives of Georgia and Azerbaijan underlined that any provocation regarding Davit Gareja is unacceptable
Foreign Ministry – Financial aid to Georgia increased as per 2019 US Fiscal Budget
Foreign Ministry welcomes signing of declaration on establishment of Dimitri Amilakhvari French-Georgian Dialogue
Foreign Ministry warns Georgian citizens to refrain from traveling to Libya
Foreign Ministry – Information that Georgian citizens living abroad face obstacles about participation in elections is false
Foreign Ministry calls on Russia for stopping illegal moves against territorial integrity
Foreign Ministry explains procedures for Georgian citizens living abroad on participation in presidential elections
Georgian Foreign Ministry – Italy pledges support to non-recognition policy
Foreign Ministry released statement on 45th round of Geneva International Negotiations
Georgian Foreign Ministry states that agreement on diplomatic relations between Syria and occupied Tskhinvali is illegitimate
Foreign Ministry hands over protest nota to Syrian diplomatic representations in UN and Egypt
Meeting with representatives of Diplomatic Corps at Foreign Ministry
No information if Russian diplomat left Georgia