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Russia suspends Int'l flights
Berlin to be added to flights in direction of Europe on April 3
Georgia to bring home citizens stranded in Europe amid coronavirus pandemic
Wizz Air offers passengers who booked tickets for Georgia-Italy flights to change the flight date or reimburse the cost of tickets
Direct Flights with Italy temporarily suspended
Georgian Government considers suspension of flights with Italy
Georgian gov't suspends flights to and from Iran 
Andrey Rudenko – Flights with Georgia will be restored when Tbilisi stops Russophobic campaign
Minister of Economy - Georgia would welcome restoration of direct flights between Georgia and Russia
Izvestia - Flights between Georgia and Russia will resume for the first half of 2020
Georgia to sign agreements on air traffic with Republic of Seychelles, Tunisia and Tajikistan
Natia Turnava: We'll welcome if Russia resumes direct flights with Georgia
PM – Georgian side not considering subsidizing flights from Russia
Natia Turnava: Resumption of direct flights with Russia will positively impact on our market
Direct flights from Kutaisi International Airport to Brussels started
Elizabeth Rood – We call on Russia for resumption of flights to Georgia
Kremlin says too early to speak about resuming flights to Georgia
European External Action Service - We consider Russian decision to ban flights to Georgia as unjustified and disproportionate
Aleksey Pushkov – Georgians should express claims against Salome Zurabishvili
Advisor to PM – We will protest both legitimate interests – state sovereignty and economic welfare of citizens