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NDI Survey - 78% of interviewed support Georgia’s EU membership, 71% support Georgia’s joining NATO
EU: Erection of fences by de-facto authorities of South Ossetia backed by Russian border guards hinders the freedom of movement of locals
EU Delegation to Georgia – It is crucial that erection of fences is stopped near Gugutiantkari
EU Statement on the 11 years anniversary of conflict between Russia and Georgia
EU to help NBG in improvement of financial monitoring mechanism
EU condemns the detention of demonstrators at the rally in Moscow
Claudia Roth: I do not want to close the door for Georgia and say that the Association Agreement is enough, prospect should exist
Donald Tusk: I feel that Georgia has a very good and promising future [Photo/Video]
European External Action Service: We consider the Russian decision to ban flights to Georgia as of 8 July unjustified and disproportionate
EU launches three new environmental projects in Georgia
Federica Mogherini: Cooperation between Georgia and the EU is a success story
Mamuka Bakhtadze: We heard lies and “fake news” from irresponsible political forces as if Georgia is not on the political agenda of the West
Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns those willing to travel to EU and Schengen member states
Tamar Khulordava: Relations between Georgia and EU are becoming more dynamic
Mamuka Bakhtadze: EU relations and integration are at all-time high
Salome Zurabishvili: should request and negotiate that Georgia be involved in all EU formats, where Georgia’s place is recognized, even before EU membership
EU calls for early election in Venezuela
EU to allocate 3,5 billion Euros to Georgia for infrastructure projects
EU to spend 13 billion Euro in Eastern Partnership member countries including in Georgia
Travelers to EU will have to take lie detection test