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Supreme Council of Adjara approved amendments to the Constitution of Autonomous Republic
Joint statement by the facilitators: We warmly congratulate Parliament of Georgia on adoption of Constitutional amendments, we regret the non-participation of some parties
Alex Mooney: As the U.S.-Georgian partnership continues to strengthen, I’m glad our ally is dedicated to democracy and freedom
Parliament adopted constitutional amendments on electoral system with first reading
Irakli Kobakhidze presumes that discussion and voting on constitutional amendments will end on June 29
Giga Bokeria - Without interrelated components, political agreement on electoral system won't succeed
German Ambassador: I am very hopeful and optimistic that we will achieve agreement on electoral system in a few days
The meeting of parliamentary majority is being held at office of Georgian Dream
Eka Beselia states that position on electoral system will be introduced to diplomatic corps
Archil Talakvadze on Georgia's electoral system
Archil Talakvadze: We are returning to normal political process gradually
Carl Hartzell: Dialogue between authorities and opposition has great support to make progress for the next election
Roman Kakulia on today's meeting between ruling team and opposition
Representatives of ruling party and opposition to hold meeting today
Opposition registers new bill regarding change of electoral system
Kakha Kaladze - We are not going to discuss any new initiatives related to the electoral system
Zaza Gabunia calls on every political force ready for consultations for constructive work
Elizabeth Rood: Georgia has taken important steps for developing free and fair electoral system