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PM presumes dialogue with constructive opposition to be successful
Georgian PM calls opposition for dialog, not confrontation
EU Ambassador believes agreement to be possible
EU Ambassador think dialogue format to be revised
EU Ambassador: Parliament's decision not to revoke opposition mandates to be right step
Prime Minister: strategic partners call on opposition to do politics in parliament
Parliament Speaker – We are trying our best to approximate positions so that democracy and political system continue stable functioning
Leaders of the Georgian Dream and opposition hold meeting at the residence of US Ambassador
German Ambassador – I am glad that leading politicians of both sides are initiating a dialogue between the parties
Giga Bokeria: Dialogue is needed in such a crisis, but only about what caused crisis
U.S. Embassy supports political dialogue between ruling party and opposition
French Ambassador – I welcome dialogue so that political parties could engage in free elections of European standards
EU Ambassador to Georgia – Finding compromise through dialogue is the best way forward
Hubert Knirsch comments on dialogue between Gov't and opposition
Carl Hartzell – Reaching of compromise over election system not realistic in the nearest future
EU Ambassador to Georgia – Next round of negotiations between government and opposition should take place as soon as possible
EU Ambassador to Georgia – It is high time that the sides talked less about each other and talked more to each other