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Diplomatic relations established between Georgia and North Macedonia
Davit Zalkaliani – Safe Europe is impossible without safe Black Sea region
Foreign Minister – Georgia has strong, two-party support in US
Davit Zalkaliani: ECHR judgment is mandatory for Russian Federation
Spanish Foreign Minister – There are no political problems in Georgia
Spanish Foreign Minister – We support Georgia’s aspiration to become integrated into EU, NATO
Davit Zalkaliani – Spain has no claims against Georgia regarding visa liberalization
Georgian Foreign Minister to visit Spain
Georgia has recognized Venezuelan opposition leader as interim president
EU to allocate 3,5 billion Euros to Georgia for infrastructure projects
France approves Law on Legal Labor Migration
Davit Zalkaliani - For the first time, OSCE document touches upon the Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili list
Davit Zalkaliani – Georgia has important role on NATO agenda
Igor Dolgov: Thanks Georgia for such supportive position
Davit Zalkaliani: Attack on Ukrainian navy vessels is a blatant violation of International maritime law
Davit Zalkaliani: Our military servicemen were protecting their country and how can they be held responsible?!
Davit Zalkaliani: Civilized society supports Georgia and calls on Russia to stop illegal activities immediately
Alan Duncan: I have one simple message to Russia, the barbed wire fences are totally unacceptable and must be dismantled
Davit Zalkaliani – On November 7, 2007, government committed crime not only before people but also whole country
FM congratulates diplomats on professional holiday