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Davit Zalkaliani met Turkish counterpart in New York
Davit Zalkaliani – Georgia will be the main stronghold of US in the region and beyond
Davit Zalkaliani: Angela Merkel's visit at occupation line proves that Germany supporting Georgia's territorial integrity
German Chancellor to visit Georgia today
Davit Zalkaliani – We have expectation that Strasbourg Court will make fair decision
Davit Zalkaliani -- Angela Merkel's visit 10 years later once again confirms how important Georgia is on the German political agenda
Davit Zalkaliani - Opening of Russian Visa Center has no link with diplomatic relations
Davit Zalkaliani - US National Defense Authorization Act highlights Georgia’s role of ally and partner to US
Visit of Angela Merkel to Georgia scheduled for August 23-24
Davit Zalkaliani: We should send a clear message that Russia must stop its aggressive policy
US Senator Bob Corker introduced with situation across Georgia’s occupied regions
Davit Zalkaliani: Hearing on Georgia's occupation issue in US Congress is a demonstration of strong support
Davit Zalkaliani – Our response upon Russian propaganda is demonstration of results on European and Euro-Atlantic path
Davit Zalkaliani – Russia constantly uses various issues to influence changes of Geneva format
Davit Zalkaliani: Our ambition is to become a successful example of European integration
Davit Zalkaliani: we will work intensively with partner countries to enact restrictions against persons who committed offenses
Davit Zalkaliani introduces diplomats with "Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili List"
Davit Zalkaliani: Record in US NDAA confirms the Georgia is at leading positions in the United States' political agenda
Davit Zalkaliani – Georgia has communication with European Partners to react on so-called Tatunashvili-Otkhozoria list
Davit Zalkaliani – We have expectation that Georgia’s progress will be reflected at NATO Summit