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Parliament Vice-Speaker: Functioning parliament to pull country out of crisis
Vice Speaker: Statements against Turkey to be harmful
Davit Sergeenko says resignation was his personal initiative
Ekaterine Tikaradze appointed on post of Health Minister
Health Minister confirms that he is quitting the post
Mamuka Bakhtadze,  Davit Sergeenko and Tamar Zhvania to arrive in Parliament
South Korean specialists to assist Georgia in development of Transplantology sphere
MPs to listen to Davit Sergeenko within Healthcare Committee sitting
Davit Sergeenko confirms that seven people died at Ketevan Tsamebuli Avenue
Vaccination against Measles to be financed by government
Vaccinations against measles will be free of charge for all citizens of Georgia
Davit Sergeenko: Blood Bank is trying to use the tragic incident for its own marketing
Additional stores of antiviral vaccines to be imported in Georgia next week
Cases of infection with flu virus decreased for last 2 weeks
Supplies of “Tamiflu” to be filled up on January 9-10
Number of people who will receive Tamiflu to increase
Davit Sergeenko – High financial barrier on medicines remains main challenge
Prices for Parkinson and Epilepsy medicines will become cheaper
Davit Sergeenko – State Insurance Program will continue in same form in 2019
Davit Sergeenko calls on population for vaccination against flu