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EU Ambassador to regret parliament’s disregard to uphold judiciary reform commitment
EU Ambassador calls for reopening of all crossing points at South Ossetian ABL
EU Ambassador believes it's never late to sign up for democratic reforms
EU Ambassador grateful to Georgia for support of evacuation from Kabul
EU Ambassador to welcome Georgian citizen Zaza Gakheladze’s release
EU Ambassador offers condolences to family of late TV Pirveli cameraman
EU Ambassador to welcome de-institutionalization progress at Ninotsminda Boarding School
EU Ambassador: We mark 7th Anniversary EU-Georgia Association Agreement, the anchor of our close relationship
EU Ambassador: Our basic plea to parliament is to pause nomination of Supreme Court judges
EU Ambassador to visit Poti
EU Ambassador: Rush with appointment of judges to be bad start for April 19 agreement execution
EU Ambassador: All sides agree on need to move forward when it comes to the best interests of children
EU Ambassador: April 19 agreement to serve as road map for all sides in Parliament to take hard to bring further trust in rule of law
EU Ambassador hopes positions over Amnesty bill to draw closer
EU Ambassador: Georgian, European values solidly compatible, spring from same source
Carl Hartzell: EU proud to be Georgia's closest partner
US and EU Ambassadors call for postponement of judiciary appointments
Parliament Speaker: Parliament to act as per Constitution, principle of independence of judiciary, agreement paper when making court-related decisions
EU and US Ambassadors to apply Parliament Speaker with joint letter
EU Ambassador praises consensus reached on electoral reform