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German Ambassador - It would be good for those in charge in Tskhinvali and Moscow to learn the lessons of the Berlin Wall
Hotline activated regarding situation in Atotsi village, State Security Service says
Linas Linkevicius - I would like to strongly condemn all the actions related to the so-called elections and borderization
Lasha Darsalia: Russia and its occupation regimes use varous processes to increase pressure on Georgian authorities
U.S. Ambassador to OSCE: U.S. continues to monitor reports of military buildup by Russia near Administrative Boundary Line and will expose violations of Georgia’s sovereignty
Foreign Minister – Illegal borderization in Gugutiantkari and developments at Chorchana show that actual annexation has not ceased
Kurt Walker - Russia's continued borderization of Georgian territories, continued annexation deserves more international attention
Occupational forces resume borderization works in Gugutiantkari
Lithuanian lawmakers adopt statement in support of Georgia
Ketevan Tsikhelashvili: We live under occupation and against this background, disseminating incorrect information is a provocation
Amnesty International presents report about impact of ‘borderization’
U.S. Embassy: Russia must end its occupation of the Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia
Foreign Ministry calls on Russia for stopping illegal moves against territorial integrity
State Security Service Illegal borderization process ongoing near Atotsi village