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Azerbaijan reports 329 new coronavirus cases
Azerbaijan reports 338 new COVID-19 cases, 209 recoveries
Azerbaijan reports 336 new cases of COVID-19
Special quarantine regime in Azerbaijan extended until July 1
Azerbaijan reports 315 new coronavirus cases, 5 deaths
Azerbaijan documents 379 new COVID-19 cases, 153 recoveries, 2 deaths
Hard quarantine measures announced in major Azerbaijani cities for weekend
Reverend Shio: We hope that our brotherhood with Azerbaijan will be maintained and at the same time the truth will be established
Azerbaijan confirms 191 new coronavirus cases, 125 recovered
102nd Anniversary of the establishment of Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan marked in Tbilisi
National flag was displayed on Georgian Embassy in Azerbaijan [Video]
Number of COVID-19 Cases increased to 2,758 in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan reports 70 new cases of COVID-19
Number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Azerbaijan reach 2060, with 1508 recoveries and 26 deaths
Azerbaijan reported 25 death cases of COVID-19
300 doctors among COVID-19 infected people in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan confirms 33 new coronavirus cases, 62 recovered, 3 died
COVID-19 cases in Azerbaijan reach 1 253
Azerbaijan reported 926 coronavirus cases, 9 deaths
Confirmed cases of COVID-19 reach 641 in Azerbaijan