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UK's Minister for European Neighborhood visits Georgia
Parliament Speaker calls on opposition to join interim commission
Parliament Speaker presents annual report
Parliament Speaker: Political dialog and negotiations with opposition parties continue
Parliament Chair, NDI Georgia Head meet
Parliament Speaker: Prisoners not to be a subject of negotiations
Parliament back gov't to kick off Covid-19 vaccination
Parliament Speaker: No staff changes to be made in government
Parliament Speaker: We may see another opposition party in parliament
Parliament Speaker: Georgia gains historic victory
Parliament Speaker requests Venice Commission for legislative changes feedback
Chairman of Parliament expects opposition to return to negotiations table
Parliament Speaker to present annual report at spring session
Parliament Speaker: Electoral reform to push healthy opposition to join parliamentary work
Parliament Chairman: Opposition attends session and engages in parliament work
Parliament Speaker: Ruling team committed to Euro-Atlantic agenda
Parliament Speaker: Holding baseless new elections questions democracy
Parliament Speaker: Foreign Policy Draft Resolution to reflect Georgians unwavering will
Georgian Parliament Speaker, Azerbaijani Ambassador meet
Parliament Speaker: Georgia to hold next elections based on fully proportional system