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Georgian soldiers in NATO-led peacekeeping missions showed the world what Georgia exactly is, says PM
PM deems Armenia-Azerbaijan agreement mediated by Georgia and US as outstanding success
PM to deliver gov't performance report
PM to deliver his annual report to parliament
Public Defender to deliver 2020 annual report in parliament next week
Public Defender reported 2020 human rights problems in Human Rights Committee
PM to deliver annual report to parliament on June 25
Public Defender to deliver 2020 annual report on June 18
Georgian Health Minister presents annual report
Citizens criticize President’s annual report
President: Neither side demonstrated courage to compromise
President to deliver annual report on April 9
Parliament Speaker presents annual report
Acting Interior Minister presents his annual report
PM to present annual report in parliament
President of Georgia delivers annual report in parliament
Diplomats in Parliament refrain from shaking hands when greeting politicians (VIDEO)
President to give annual report in parliament on March 4
Parliament Speaker presenting annual report for 2019
Parliament Speaker to present annual report for 2019