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NCDC Head deems face mask-wearing rate in Georgia 'shameful'
NCDC Head: No Omicron strain detected in Georgia
Georgia announces restrictions over Omicron covid variant
Gov't lifts visiting hour limit in restaurants from December
Vaccination rate increases fourfold after 200 GEL pension bonuses, NCDC Head says
NCDC Head to call on population to vaccinate against flu
NCDC Head expects more Covid-linked deaths 
Mandatory vaccination issue to be solved in November, NCDC Head says
Coordination Council may make tough decisions amid Covid cases surge, NCDC Head says
No restrictions expected amid fifth coronavirus wave, health officials say
Georgia faces fifth Covid-19 wave. Observing recommendations much needed, NCDC Head says 
NCDC: 200 thousand persons at most likely to volunteer for vaccination
Georgia's vaccination rate should rev up, NCDC Head says
Fifth COVID-19 wave to likely hit Georgia in November, NCDC Head projects
NCDC Head: Covid-19 fifth wave to hit in December
NCDC Head urges citizens to wear face masks, get jabbed
Georgia's epidemiological situation stabilized slightly, NCDC Head says 
Georgia works on COVID-19 vaccine incentives, NCDC Head says
Georgia's vaccination rate to rise, NCDC Head says
Schools with mostly vaccinated staff may resume in-person learning, NCDC Head says