Vasil Maglaperidze: Teleschool (Teleskola) triggered the bulk of new ideas
Vasil Maglaperidze: Teleschool (Teleskola) triggered the bulk of new ideas

“I am pleased that the project Teleschool (Teleskola) has become very necessary for a society that inspired us. A decision has already been made to continue the project,” said Director-General of Georgian First Channel, Vasil Maglaperidze.

At the same time, Vasil Maglaperidze noted that “the scale of Georgian First Channel – Education will expand. Under the new agreement, a recent project to promote Georgian cartoons will be launched.”

“We have ordered a 36-series animated film. As part of this project, we plan various types of programs. Our projects have already attracted Europe. We actively cooperate with the BBC as well. Moreover, Georgian First Channel has become a full member of the European Public Broadcaster,” said Vasil Maglaperidze.

Director-General of Georgian First Channel pointed out that the “project Teleschool (Teleskola) has generated a lot of new ideas.” One of them is the project “This Is Georgia.”

“Huge project – “This Is Georgia” – will be announced in the nearest future in which talented people will be able to participate. It will be a union of family, friends, school children, grandparents, relatives. I think it will be one of the favourite shows as it presents the phenomenon of Georgian talent. Initially, it will be a remote project, howver, special studios are being set up to combine both platforms. Details will be known any day now,” stressed Vasil Maglaperidze.

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